About Us


Nanounity supplies surface science analytical solutions through a range of synergistic products through partnerships with leading instrumentation manufacturers. Our core technologies are microscopy, metrology and spectroscopy. Through the strong personal commitment of the founders, Nanounity has built a strong reputation in the USA and Asia providing high standards of materials knowledge enabling the Company to match the requirements of users to a range of tools and techniques. Backed with applications knowledge and customer service support, Nanounity offers experience and skills to help deliver innovative products of the highest performance at affordable prices.

Pemtron PS-230 and PS-250 SEM Systems:

Topcon Aquila compact SEM and Optical Microscope system:

HybriScan Molecular Microscope (Raman microscope):

Correlative microscopy:

Cathodoluminescence for nanophotonic applications:

NanoScan Nanoindentation and Nanomechanical Testing Instruments:

Pemtron Hawk3D Optical Surface Profilers:

AFMWorkshop Atomic Force Microscopes: