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Balance between price and performance


Atomic Force Microscopes

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) are essential for the visualization and measurement of nanometer scale structures. Atomic Force Microscopes allow users to collect 3D images of surfaces, sense various forces and measure mechanical properties of a surface.  Atomic Force Microscopes are complimentary to other microscopy techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and are widely used by scientist and engineers in many different fields.

AFMWorkshop – Atomic Forces Microscopes
AFMWorkshop designs and manufacturers innovative Atomic Force Microscopes for research, education, quality and process control of small to mid-sized companies. This innovation is derived from 30 years of experience in Atomic Force Microscopy from Dr. Paul West, the founder of AFM Workshop. Dr. West was at the beginning of the commercial AFM market and has manufactured thousands of Atomic Forces Microscopes in uses around the world today.

AFMWorkshop – Balance of Price and Performance
There are many teaching institutes, research groups and small companies with world-class ideas without the budget to realize them. AFMWorkshop’s goal is to make Atomic Force Microscopes affordable and more accessible to these groups, giving them the instruments they need to realize their vision while growing the use of Atomic Force Microscopes.

AFMWorkshop’s approach is based around several principles; simplify the design to lower the cost of manufacturing, use commonly available items to reduce the expense of custom manufactured components and have a lower overhead business model than other Atomic Force Microscope companies.  This approach presents our customers with a great value for their instrument expense.

What Makes AFMWorkshop Unique
Training and support
Knowledge and training are the key to successfully utilizing your AFM to it’s fullest potential.  AFMWorkshop has formed its company around training users. AFMWorkshop offers classes in building and applications of Atomic Force Microscopes. In addition to training, AFM Workshop has technical support for its products.

Open architecture
All instruments from AFMWorkshop have an open design to facilitate customization.

High value
AFMWorkshop was the first AFM designed to have high performance at a low cost.TT AFM

AFM Workshop Products

TT-AFM  ( TT- AFM_Datasheet)
The TT-AFM is a low cost, high value tabletop Atomic Force Microscope that has all the essential features expected from an AFM. The TT-AFM has an XYZ scanning stage, light lever, closed-loop feedback, control electronics, high-resolution optical microscope for tip/sample placement and software for acquiring scans and post processing of the data. The TT-AFM has an open design and opens the door to many possibilities. The LabView based software allows users to implement software scripts for custom measurements and experiments.  AFMWorkshop offers a documentation package with the instrument drawings and electronic schematics.  This TT-AFM open design allows you to be as innovative as you desire.

The TT-AFM has a low noise floor and provides high-resolution topography scans.  The system has a number of options available that include closed environmental cell for fluid or gas experiments, dunk and scan for immersing the scanner directly into liquids, advanced imaging modes such as Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Electro Static Force Microscopy (EFM), conductive AFM, force distance spectroscopy and lithography.


Specification Summary

 Sample Size  25.4 x 25.4 x 6.35 mm
 Scanners  50 x 50 x 17 μm
 15 x 15 x 15 μm
 Standard Modes  Vibrating, Non-Vibrating, Phase, Lateral Force
 Optical Scope  400x Zoom, 2 μm resolution
 Z Noise Floor  0.1 nm




NP-AFM  (NP AFM Datasheet)
The NP-AFM is a nanoprofiler for analysis of features such as surface roughness and metrology of technical samples. The NP-AFM was designed to provide a cost effective solution for process development and control of surfaces and nanostructured features.

The NP-AFM is a complete Atomic Force Microscope that includes XYZ scanner, control electronics, light lever, optical microscope for tip/sample placement and software for image acquisition and post processing. The system comes with various sample stage options including wafer vacuum chucks that will accommodate samples up to 200 mm diameter.

g  Surface Roughness Measurement









Specification Summary NP-AFM

 Sample Size  3 stage options up 200 x 200 x 20 mm
 Scanners  50 x 50 x 7 μm
 Standard Modes  Vibrating, Non-Vibrating, Phase, Lateral Force
 Optical Scope  400x Zoom, 2 μm resolution
 Z Noise Floor  <0.15 nm


LS-AFM  (LS AFM Datasheet)
The LS-AFM is an Atomic Force Microscope designed to work with LS AFM Atomic Force Microscope
inverted light microscopes for the study of life science and biomaterials samples.

The LS-AFM is a tip scanning AFM. It includes control electronics, light lever optical detection, optical microscope to view the tip/sample position from the top and software to acquire an image and post process of saved results.  The system has the ability to position the sample in XY, and the AFM relative to the inverted light microscope.  The sample stage works with petri dishes, glass slides and standard AFM mounts. The system comes with dunk and scan, which allows you to directly submerse the AFM tip directly into liquid without the cumbersome use of a fluid cell.

LS-AFM models
The LS-AFM comes in two different models.

This model of LS-AFM is for customers who have their own inverted light microscope. AFMWorkshop will build a custom plate that interfaces the AFM to your inverted light microscope.


This model of LS-AFM includes an inverted light microscope from AFMWorkshop. The inverted light microscope comes with a full set of objectives and light sources for bright field, DIC and fluorescence imaging.

Specification Summary LS-AFM

 Sample Size  35 mm petri dish, glass slides
 Custom petri dish holder at
 Scanners  40 x 40 x 7 μm
 Dunk and Scan

 Standard Modes

 Vibrating, Non-Vibrating, Phase,  
 Lateral Force

 Optical Scope of AFM

 400x Zoom, 2 μm resolution
 Z Noise Floor  <0.15 nm

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