White Light Interferometers – Optical Profilers 
for non-contact 3D surface metrology

Optical profiler resolution - Optical profiler repeatability - Optical profiler specifications

Pemtron White light interferometry PW-2200 profiler

Nanounity is a distributor of white light interferometers,
commonly referred to as optical profilers

Optical profilers are used to acquire 3D surface profile measurements, step height, surface roughness, shape and geometry.  White light interferometry offers fast non-contact measurements with high accuracy and precision.

Nanounity distributes Pemtron 3D optical surface profilers.  Pemtron manufactures optical profilers to analyze a range of samples from small devices to large formfactor substrates.  We offer laboratory bench top instruments for R&D and QA/QC, to advanced automated systems for 3D metrology in manufacturing environments for LED, solar, MEMS, and semiconductor. Pemtron has a 3D optical solution for standard and custom applications.

Pemtron Hawk3D optical surface profilers:
Pemtron white light interferometers deliver high-resolution images and surface measurements over a wide range of sample types and applications.

0.1 nm vertical resolution
White light interferometry is a well-established method for capturing high-resolution Z measurements. Hawk3D optical profilers utilize high resolution and linear PZT nano-stages with Z-axis feedback to provide sub nanometer vertical resolution and repeatability, regardless of magnification or field of view.

Fast measurement of surfaces means more productivity
Optical methods enable high-speed measurements for the laboratory or manufacturing floor. Hawk3D optical profilers can acquire low noise and high-speed precision measurements over a broad range of surfaces. White light interferometry can make the measurement in seconds providing quick time to results.

0.3% (3sigma) measurement repeatabilityPemtron White light interferometry PW-3300 profiler
Hawk3D delivers highly repeatable non-contact optical measurements produced by robust optics, software and mechanics. The system has a ridged mechanical design coupled with vibration isolation that provides high-resolution images, delivering the data required to make critical decision for your development, quality assurance or manufacturing lines.


image from Pemtron Optical Profilerimage from Pemtron Optical Profilerimage from Pemtron Optical Profilerimage from Pemtron Optical Profilerimage from Pemtron Optical Profiler

Hawk3D system specification

Model PW-3300 PW-2200

Measuring Principle

White light interferometry


Closed-loop PZT nano-stage

Vertical resolution


Objective system

Interferometric lens/5 lens rotational turret

Scanning range

250 μm (optional 5mm fine motor)

Sample stage stroke (motorized or manual)

Motor XY=300mm

MotorXY = 200mm

Motor Z = 100mm

Motor Z = 50mm

Motor tilt = ±3°

Manual tilt = ±3°

Vertical scan speed

High accuracy mode: 20 μm/sec

High speed mode: 50 μm/sec

Stage dimensions

310mm x 300mm

200mm x 200mm

Objectives and camera

Objective magnification

2.5x 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x

Lateral resolution μm







Field of view (FOV) μm

1894 x 1420

947 x 710

474 x 355

237 x 178

93 x 71

47 x 36

Camera pixel

640 x 480 pixel (optional 1024 x 768 pixel)

Camera pixel resolution

7.4 μm

Contact; Nanounity at info@nanounity.com for more information about the Hawk3D optical surface profiler, or feel free to call us at (408) 235-8888.