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SEM Raman for Correlated Morphology and Chemical Analysis
The idea of combining Raman spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is not a new concept. Both Raman and SEM individually are important techniques for the analysis of micro and nano structures in many fields of study. SEM Raman is a powerful combination providing high-resolution structural and chemical composition from the same platform.

SEM Raman system from HybriScan

HybriScan Technologies

Nanounity is a distributor for HybriScan Technologies, a manufacturer of Raman microscopy products. HybriScan’s products provide Raman spectrum and images giving you quantitative chemical identification, composition and physical properties of your sample.

HybriScan Raman for SEM
The HybriScan Molecular Microscope “HSCMM” is a Raman microscope specifically developed to integrate with SEMs, Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and dual beam systems.

SEM Raman EDS from a single platform – Complimentary Techniques

SEM-Raman-unit HybriScan’s Raman spectrometer bridges the gap between morphological, chemical and elemental analysis. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) is a common technique used to identify elements in a given sample. Traditionally SEM and EDS have been used together to correlate a samples morphology and elemental information. Raman spectroscopy is an optical technique used to identify chemical composition and crystallographic structure. The HybriScan Raman spectrometer integrates onto your SEM column along with EDS. The combined SEM Raman EDS system provides high-resolution morphology, chemical composition and elemental identification. Collecting images, spectra and maps from the same system and location on an integrated platform, providing correlated results and more knowledge of your sample.

Raman Spectrometer Mounts On Your SEM – No Extra Floor Space Required
Hybriscan Raman SpectrometerHybriScan’s Raman spectrometer is designed to fit on your SEM column as an EDS system does. The Raman spectrometer is in one self-contained unit. The entire laser, optical path, detector and spectrometer are housed in a compact enclosure that attaches to an open port on your SEM. Our SEM Raman combination does not require a separate spectrometer with a special interface module between your SEM and Raman. HybriScan’s unique design also eliminates the need for an anti-vibration table, saving valuable lab space and reducing cost.

SEM Raman system that is easy to use and maintain

The people at HybriScan Technologies are experts in Raman spectroscopy and realize that ease-of-use is the key to acceptance for routine analysis and research. Your most valuable time is spent running analysis or experiments, not becoming experts at optical setup, alignment and calibration. HybriScan has designed their Raman spectrometer to have no moving parts. This removes the need for continuous optical alignment and calibration like standard Raman spectrometers, making the system easy to use and maintain.

Raman Spectrometer Designed for Stability and Performance

HybriScan’s Raman spectrometer and imaging system is optimized for stability and performance with your SEM. Our Raman spectrometer has no moving parts. This eliminates alignment and drift issues encountered with movable optics, removing the need for re-alignment and calibration. The HybriScan Raman Spectrometer uses a 785 nm laser diode, which has proven success in diverse applications. This design reduces fluorescence emission problems encountered at lower wavelengths and photo-degradation issues. The use of a single excitation wavelength also allows for efficiency in detection with an optimized CCD/spectrometer. The choice of this single excitation wavelength enables HybriScan to offer the most sensitive spectrometer on the market for use with your SEM.

Raman diagram

Raman compatible with SEM accessories
HybriScan’s Raman spectrometer does not interfere with the normal operation of your SEM, and is compatible with accessories such as cryo EM. The Raman spectrometer can also work on FIB and dual beam columns with gas injectors and manipulators. This is especially important for multi user facilities. There is no need to retract or remove the collection optics of HybriScan’s Raman spectrometer for the general-purpose use of your SEM, FIB or dual beam system.

HybriScan with other types microscopes

HybriScan has designed their Raman microscope for compatibility and ease of use with SEM, but the possibilities do not end there. HybriScan has integrated their Raman spectrometer with other types of microscopies. The HSCMM can be added to optical microscopes, atomic force microscopes (AFM) and other types of imaging based systems.

HybriScan Molecular Microscope Features Overview

HybriScan Molecular Microscope Specification Overview

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